Imen Gostar Sangesar

14:09 1397/11/09

The engeniring company of Imen Gostar Sangesar is consist of four technical and engeniring,executive,commercial and training section with the purpouse of safty cultheral expantion,which is giveing safty services to dear people of our country.The main activity of our technical and engeniring section with the usage of dominate and engeniring is,the continous and permanent supervision to hole of constracting projects about the safty of architectural,fire alarm system,fire fighting system and prehension of safty certificate.The executive section of Imen Gostar Sangesar with usage of experienced and expert personel about mechanical installation(fire fighting system,possitive presher system and...)and electrical system(fire alarm system,conventional and addressable system ,emergency lights...)are giving technical services to people.THe comercial section of Imen Gostar Sangesar with getting exclousive selling representative about fire alarm and fire fighting system are giving selling and after selling services to our customers with the qualified products with FM,UL,and L.P.C.B standards